26 November 2008

My blog has moved from the current site at blogspot to blogs.livemint.com

I am happy to announce that my blog will now be hosted by the Mint newspaper at:
http://blogs.livemint.com/blogs/initial_private_opinion - this would give my blog a much wider readership. Nothing changes except for the site address and the fact that email subscriptions are no longer available. Those on the mailing list should move to a Google Reader, Bloglines or such other blog reader where they need to add the following 'feed':

I apologize for the inconvenience to the email subscribers - though I believe the next version of the hosting site would enable email subscriptions (coming within a few weeks at most).

I will be updating this site for the next few weeks so that any subscribers to this site will receive a summary of the future blogs along with a link to that posting - I hope this minimizes the inconvenience for the transition.

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