09 November 2010

Disclosure of interest

I have blogged and extensively written in mainstream media criticising the SEBI regulations which bar holding beyond 5 (or 15)%. This has been a position from the time I was at SEBI till today. Subsequently I wrote about the policy issues on blog posts and in pieces in the ET and BS papers.

Since I have written, our firm, Finsec Law Advisors, has adviced MCX-SX in their dispute against SEBI. After representing them I have not commented on the issues specific to the MCX-SX. While there is no conflict, in the best interests of disclosure (since my critiques have been recent), it is best to disclose this fact.

In past instances, I have not disclosed on similar facts for the simple reason that there was a long time period between my opinion and subsequent involvement - thus there was no chance of any belief that I was acting as a spokesman for my clients.

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