18 June 2008

New SEBI Regulations escape press coverage

Looks like two of the big ticket regulations of SEBI have totally escaped the notice of the press – one revamping the regulatory framework for registration and regulation of securities intermediaries and the 'enquiry' process for disciplining intermediaries – the SEBI (Intermediaries) Regulations 2008. A consultative paper and the draft regulation at the time of issuing these for public comment explains the purpose of this complex task.


The other is introduction of a regulatory framework for securitised debt, SEBI (Public Issue and Listing of Securitised Debt Instruments) Regulations 2008.


SEBI has not come out with a press release and the 26th May notification appears to have been put up only recently – probably explains why it's not covered. Both were work in progress for a long time given their complexity and the recent sub-prime issues.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed the media has missed it.
the registration of intermediaries is important because there is such a shortage of them -- there are literally two registrar and transfer agents for large issues and a couple of smaller ones.

I wonder why it is so quiet.

However, you have no comments on the new regulations. what do you think of the changes? are they workable?