15 September 2008

Financial maelstrom

People on wall street aren't really looking forward to how this week unfolds as details of 158 year old Lehman's bankruptcy filings come out, Bank of America's (BoFA) acquisition of Merrill Lynch as the latter totters and the near precipice situation of AIG - while it is liquidating assets to stay float.

Appears like the most significant week in the financial history of the USA in a very long time - possibly a once in a hundred year event - as Alan Greenspan states about these and other events of the recent weeks. How will this effect the Indian financial sector? - over to you.


vrprasad.17 said...

already sliding started for Indian stocks, major correction over 5% today.- VRP

Nagappan said...

Look at what these "Experts" commented about Lehman hardly a few months bach : http://nagappanv.blogspot.com/