15 December 2008

SEBI documents now made public

Those of you who missed it (I did too till someone emailed me the update), SEBI today put out its Board agenda papers (for the December meeting) on its website. Here is the link:


If you missed my previous blog post of 4th December, this was in all likelihood a reaction to my Right to Information (RTI) application which I made on the 2nd December seeking previous Board meeting agenda papers and minutes. On the 4th December Board meeting, less than 48 hours from my application, the Board decided to share its agenda papers voluntarily. Actually, now I'm certain it was based on my application, because if you note from the agenda papers this new found disclosure was not an item on the agenda!

You are welcome :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, so you think you were the cause? Doesn't SEBI need to be given credit at times too?

Sandeep said...

It's not on the agenda - if it was a major transparency drive, rather than a reaction to my application, it should be on the agenda, right?

Anyway, I'm only 99% certain about my role :)

Anonymous said...

From what you write, it looks like you were a senior staffer there yourself! Strange that you sound so ascerbic about it now. Anyways, still a decent blog..