09 January 2009

Satyam - couldn't get worse?

Whoa, big news on Satyam - Ramalinga Raju has confessed to his Board to 'cooking the books' for the past several years. The scale is breathtaking - witness actual operating profits for Sept 08 quarter is Rs. 61 crores ( Rs. 610 million); while the well cooked books show Rs. 649 crores (Rs. 6.49 billion). And this is only one quarter figures and that too the admitted amount. Reality will need to wait for some investigations. Here is the letter he wrote to the Directors, SEBI and the exchanges:


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Of course I had my detractors - see comments in my blog - who thought I was being too harsh on Satyam. Will post comments in the p.m. after finishing my class. Co-incidentally, I am teaching securities fraud next week.

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