11 January 2010

Davos - right to information and governance

I will be going to Davos at the end of the month for the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Am particularly excited to be a part of a public forum discussion on redesigning the world - post the crisis. There will be six WEF's Young Global Leaders (YGLs) who will present different ideas for improving the state of the world through improvements in governance mechanisms.

I have initiated a Global Redesign Initiative (GRI, as it is popularly called in WEF parlance) on right to public information and will be presenting my ideas on use of statutory provisions for the world - citing success stories from India, Botswana and other countries to transform transparency, governance and accountability of governments and public authorities. The Act has many uses beyond merely tackling corruption and sloth in the governmental mechanism. As part of the task force, we are trying to create a model Act as well as a 'wiki' which will then be a template and interactive voice of implementing right to information in various countries and improving its implementation where it exists in less effective forms.

I would love to hear from legal experts if they would like to help in drafting the model Act.

PS: I have often blogged about the power of the Act in India - including my own use of it.

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