16 August 2012

SEBI Board meeting - significant day for mutual funds and IPOs

Here is a cryptic summary of today's SEBI Board decisions:

Mutual Funds

  • Entire Total Expense Ratio is fungible
  • Exit load will be credited to the scheme - right now goes to AMC - will prevent churning
  • Sales of fund units beyond first 15 cities - if over 30% received from beyond top 15 cities - then 0.30% more allowed in expense which AMC can charge the scheme/fund
  • Service tax will be charged to fund/scheme not the AMC
  • Transaction costs of Rs. 100 or Rs.150 had an element of opt-in/opt-out - now the distributor can opt-in/opt-out at a product level.
  • Product leveling mechanism - based on suitability.
  • An SRO (self regulatory organisation) will be set up - to look after distribution of products
  • Additional disclosures - more geographical disclosures
  • Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme - recommendations to government - to extend to equity mutual funds of SEBI
  • Mutual fund long term policy to be set by SEBI Mutual Fund Advisory Committee

Primary market

  • e-IPO detailed architecture cleared
  • An investor can go and fill out form at any broker terminal - over 1000 places.
  • ASBA will be possible
  • All applicants are ensured minimun lot
  • Min application amount increased
  • Min 25% public float - 4 avenues today - 2 more avenues introduced - bonus shares and issue of rights shares - in addition case to case exemption
  • 20% min to be held by promoters - of this 10% can be offloaded to registered AIFs - however balance lock in will apply to the AIFs.
  • Size of variation of offer size allowed till now was 10%. Upto a 20% variation now allowed.
  • Delays in offer documents - self discipline - offer documents will be rejected based on certain criteria. Expeditious views will be taken on the balance.
  • Non retail investors could withdraw or reduce their offers till now - unlike the retail who cannot - now even non-retail cannot withdraw or reduce their offers - though can enhance their offers.
  • Disclosure of price - minimum period increased from 2 working days to 5 working days.
  • Fund raising for 'general corporate purposes' cannot exceed 25% of funds sought to be raised.

Regulation of Investment Advisors passed by SEBI

  • Any one providing investment advice for a fee - must seek registration under the new regulations
  • Financial planners will be allowed to operate as registered IA
  • Those who give advice incidental to their main operations e.g. brokers - no separate registration required
  • Minimum qualifications set down for Investment Advisors

Debt regulations

  • Detailed set of disclosures for debt issuances

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