29 March 2013

Regulatory Impact Assessment - an analysis

Few regulators think twice before bringing new regulations - not realising that every regulation has a cost attached to it. Often the costs exceed the benefits. Till now the cost-benefit impact of regulations has never seriously been analysed in India.

On the 3rd of April at the Indian Merchant Chamber organised "Investment Outlook 2013" we are presenting a 30 page paper on regulatory impact assessment. We hope this is adopted by not just SEBI (SEBI Chairman will be on the dias when this paper is shared) but by every regulator whether in the financial sector or not. And of course by the government when it drafts delegated legislation. FSLRC report on financial sector legislative reforms also mentions this briefly in its 200 pages. We have of course devoted much more space and analysis to the issue.

Please register for the event at http://www.imcnet.org and I will host the paper on this blog on the 3rd April - it would be bad form to share it now, I guess.

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