03 July 2015

Finsec Law Advisors turns 5 years old

We complete 5 years of Finsec Law Advisors this weekend. It's been an exhilarating journey. Starting with having myself as sole employee and a rent free office to growing into a professional firm with a solid team which clients can trust with the largest and most complex of challenges. It's been great. We fought against the notion that you need to be large to be able to gain the client's confidence. We don't do everything for everybody, but what we do, we do damn well. This focus on quality has resulted in our present (presumably good) reputation. We have kept up with policy making and devote a large part of our time to it. We have a large volume of newsletters, articles and of course two books to our collective credit. 

This would not have been possible without the excellence of our team, which is aligned in its goal of being thought leaders not just professionals who do their jobs. Thanks are due to all the benefactors and clients who have had confidence in our quality. Lastly, many thanks to the media which has always been kind in respecting and airing our views on many things.

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