03 May 2016

3rd Annual Roundtable of Finsec Law Advisors

Finsec Law Advisors and the Association for Development of Securities Market (ADSM) proudly hosted its third roundtable on the 29th of April 2016. This year the focus was on Institutional Investors.  We were also happy to team up with Institutional Investor Advisory Services India Limited (IiAS) and the event was solely sponsored by BSE Ltd.

Investor protection is as crucial for sophisticated institutional investors as for retail investors. Although the tenets of investor protection may differ in range and tenor, an active and informed institutional investor not only safeguards its interests better but can also contribute towards better corporate governance and shareholder value.

The objective of the Roundtable was to bring together financial market experts and
decision makers within the industry and academia for an active, face-to-face discussion on key issues faced by institutional investors in the Indian capital market. The Roundtable, though moderated, took place without a centre of gravity and the wisdom from the discussions will result in an approach papers on issues discussed, which will be shared with policy makers.

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