02 May 2018

Finsec Law Advisors enters into an exclusive agreement for cooperation with Excellence Enablers and Assoc. for Developement of Securities Market.

Excellence Enablers, Finsec Law Advisors and Association for Development of Securities Market enter into an exclusive agreement for cooperation on improving regulatory and governance standards in India.

ADSM, Excellence Enablers and Finsec Law Advisors have decided to come together by way of an exclusive agreement to build consensus to advocate a better regulatory structure and framework by making representations to government and regulators for improving the public policy on financial market regulations. They plan to advice specific industries in the financial sector and working with them to create best practices and standards of governance utilising the governance expertise of Excellence Enablers, the regulatory expertise of Finsec Law Advisors and the policy expertise of ADSM. Finally, they will work with institutional investors to create and adopt frameworks by investee companies by way of voluntary codes.

"The coming together of specialists in governance, regulation and policy aspects in the area of finance is a major step in the direction of promoting stakeholder democracy. With our shared passion for improving the standards of corporate governance, we expect to create the pull framework for companies to meet the highest benchmarks, to complement regulatory efforts which constitute the push framework of minimum standards set by law." said M. Damodaran of Excellence Enablers.

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